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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Everything we know about WoW Shadowlands 9.2: Eternity’s End

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It feels like we’ve been waiting an age for the WoW Shadowlands 9.2 patch. And while that wait isn’t quite over, the end is finally in sight now that we have a confirmed release date. The mid-patch lull has been more keenly felt this time, not least because the last big update was Chains of Domination back in June 2021.

World of Warcraft hasn’t had the best year. And as we head into the final stretch of the Shadowlands expansion, there’s some hope that the Eternity’s End update will inject some much-needed life back into the MMO. If you’re planning to hop back into Azeroth’s afterlife, or you just want to get up to speed on what’s coming with the new patch, here’s what you need to know about the WoW 9.2 update. 

It’s worth pointing out that much of this information comes from the PTR (public test realm) so some details may change between now and launch.

Release date

When is the WoW 9.2 release date? 

The Shadowlands 9.2: Eternity’s End update is set to arrive on February 22 (23 for EU realms). 

The patch has been on the PTR since the beginning of December. Significant updates generally spend a couple of months there before being pushed to the live servers, so the newly announced release date ties in with previous patch timelines.

New raid and zone

WoW 9.2 raid: Sepulcher of the First Ones 

Sepulcher of the First Ones includes 11 new bosses, including Anduin Wrynn and culminates in a showdown with The Jailer as the final boss of the encounter. It’s also the last Shadowlands raid.

New raids tend to arrive two to three weeks after a big patch, with the various difficulties getting staggered releases. Here’s is the raid unlock schedule for the various difficulties: 

  • March 1: Normal and Heroic (first nine bosses)
  • March 8: Mythic (all bosses), Normal and Heroic (all bosses), Raid Finder Wing 1
  • March 22: Raid Finder Wing 2
  • April 5: Raid Finder Wing 3
  • April 19: Raid Finder Wing 4

The dates above are the weekly reset days for the US. EU players can expect the raids difficulties to unlock one day later.

New zone: Zereth Mortis 

If you’ve been following along with the story of Shadowlands so far, you’ll know that The Jailer has managed to acquire all the Sigils needed to escape to the realm of the first ones, Zereth Mortis. This zone is also to the home of the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid.

Zereth Mortis will offer the usual World and Daily quests, a new World Boss, and new 9.2 Campaign Chapters work through. There’s also another progression system to unlock, The Cipher of the First Ones, which should help you explore everything the new zone has to offer, eventually including the ability to fly in Zereth Mortis.

Tier sets and double legendaries

Tier sets are back 

Tier sets will return for the first time since the Legion expansion, offering both 2-set and 4-set class-specific bonuses, depending on how many pieces you have equipped. The Progenitor tier set pieces drop from bosses in both the new raid and the Great Vault, but all players will eventually access them via the Forge of Creation in Zereth Mortis.

Legendary gear limit increased to two slots 

We’ve only been able to equip one piece of legendary gear at any one time since the start of Shadowlands. 9.2 and grinding reputation to Revered with Zereth Mortis’ The Enlightened faction will allow you to equip two legendary items simultaneously. There is a slight catch, though—the patch is also introducing a new Covenant legendary belt, and this must always be one of the two legendaries you equip. 


9.2 Torghast changes 

The Jailer’s Gauntlet is a new mode coming to Torghast. Unlike other levels, this mode will be free of trash mobs and puzzles to distract you, and you’ll instead need to take on many boss fights over several layers. You’ll also gain access to the more powerful Anima powers to help you along.

The rewards for completing The Jailer’s Gauntlet range from pets, toys, and a new mount, alongside the usual Soul Ash and Soul Cinders currency you get from any other Torghast run.

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