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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The Medium developer is now creating games with Silent Hill publisher Konami

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Horror developer Bloober Team reignited speculation that it is working on a revival of Silent Hill, after announcing it had entered a “strategic co-operation agreement” with publisher Konami earlier today.

The Polish studio behind games like Layers of Fear, Observer and The Medium had already teased a collaboration, telling GamesIndustry.biz that it was working on an established horror IP with a “very famous” publisher back in February. 

This morning’s press release didn’t go so far as to confirm Bloober’s involvement with Silent Hill. But according to a VGC report, sources with knowledge of Bloober’s plans suggest that at least one of its two current projects is “Silent Hill related” (the other appearing to be a sequel to Observer).

Handing Bloober the keys to Silent Hill is a pretty divisive concept. Reviewer Leana Hafer adored The Medium for the way it carried a very old-school kind of horror (fixed cameras and all) into modernity. But others may be more concerned given the studio’s history of janky, jumpscare-heavy games that often mishandle traumatic themes. 

Fortunately, Bloober’s domain over Silent Hill may not be exclusive. VGC’s sources suggest that Konami has also outsourced another Silent Hill game to a “prominent developer” in Japan. Andy reckons Konami’s really missed a trick in not giving the series to Remedy, however, arguing that the Control developer is perfectly set up to bring the weird, unique, and quietly sad voice Silent Hill yearns for.

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