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Friday, December 1, 2023

The League of Legends subreddit is the most active gaming subreddit

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League of Legends players spend a lot of time on Reddit, perhaps looking at incredible 2.34 metre recreations of Ashe’s bow, or watching a KDA cosplayer play the KDA song in Beatsaber while riding a unicycle, or upvoting en masse any memes that poke fun at themselves, or lingering overlong on the beauty of multiple well-timed dodges. I’m not judging, I’m just a messenger.

Reddit has published its 2020 Year in Review which, as well as touching on a lot of important real world topics, has room for some semi-pointless forays into the wonderful world of games. It ranks the ‘Most popular video games of 2020 by community activity’, where activity is a combination of total posts and comments, and right there at the top is r/leagueoflegends

Take a bow, folks. Reddit is one of the greatest timesink websites, and the LoL community sinks more time in it than any other. The above stories are a small selection of the most-upvoted posts from the LoL-ers, which saw them beat the evergreen builders of r/Minecraft into second place. Third is some indie game called r/AnimalCrossing, while r/Fortnite and r/Destiny bring up the rear.

Games also made a few cameos throughout the rest of the roundup: the number one topic on r/needafriend in 2020 was “Playing videogames together”, which is nice, while more questionable instincts could be seen in reddit’s movie community r/movies, where Sonic the Hedgehog was somehow the fifth most-discussed film of the year.

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