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How to solve the Resident Evil Village statue puzzle

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Stumped by the Resident Evil Village statue puzzle? You’ve stumbled across four statues in the Hall of Ablution, and you’re now faced with a huge pool of wine that you need to empty. Unfortunately, you can’t drink your way out of this one, so you’ll need to find another way to dispose of the pool’s contents.

This puzzle is short and sweet to solve, but you have to complete it in order to progress. There’s no time like the present, and I’m here to help you on your way. Here’s how to solve the Resident Evil Village statue puzzle and drain the wine, so you can continue creeping around Castle Dimitrescu.

Resident Evil Village statue puzzle solution

When you first enter the room, you’ll find four statues in a grandiose room. There’s a pool of wine (at least I hope it’s wine) in the middle that you’ll need to drain to get access to the area beneath the castle. You can interact with the four statues to turn them left or right. Once they’re all facing the correct directions, the pool will empty. You can find the solution in the image below, but if you want to know how to interpret the clue and work it out for yourself, keep reading.

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The clue is located on the back wall above the fireplace, and it reads:

“Women are blind to male advances, but the poor shall take their chances to give their lord their bounty sown, so that soon the wine may flow”.

This sounds pretty cryptic but as there are only four statues, we can break down the clue into two parts:

First, it mentions that women are blind to male advances. In this instance, the “male” is referring to the gentleman on the horse, and the three men. Both are located on the left side of the room. The “women” are the two statues on the right side of the room. So, you just need to turn the women to face each other. There’s no need to move the man on the horse, but to address the second part of the clue, you need to turn the three men to face him.

Once you’ve made these adjustments, the pool will begin to drain, revealing a staircase that leads under the castle. Walk down the stairs and take the ladder to venture even deeper. There’s a goat at the bottom of the ladder, and you can explore the Distillery to find lots of items in crates. There’s also a handful of enemies here that you can kill for money and even more resources. The Distillery feels like a maze, so take your time as you continue exploring. Once you’re happy to leave, head to the end of the twisting area to take a barebones elevator to one of the castle’s balconies.

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