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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Former Division studio head leaves Ubisoft for good

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David Polfeldt had previously stepped down from his role as studio manager of Ubisoft Massive, based in Malmö, Sweden, with the intent of returning to Ubisoft in a “strategic role” following a sabbatical. Polfeldt instead seems to have changed plans and left the company entirely according to a recent interview with Nathan Brown for his Hit Points newsletter (thanks, VGC).

Ubisoft Massive (AKA Massive Entertainment) is the studio behind The Division, as well as Ubisoft’s upcoming Star Wars and Avatar game. Massive has largely avoided the sexual harassment and workplace toxicity allegations levied against high-level Ubisoft employees, and Polfeldt’s departure seems completely unrelated to that controversy.

Polfeldt had previously stated that he “felt an overwhelming sense of completion,” as though he “had achieved everything” he once dreamed of regarding the growth and accomplishments of Massive. In the Hit Points interview, he cited Massive’s, well, massive growth as part of the reason he moved on: Polfeldt expressed that his management style is a better fit for a smaller team, as opposed to the now 750-person studio.

Polfeldt said that he will go “wherever the wind takes him” regarding his own future, while Massive continues work on its slate of big projects.

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