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Far Cry 6: How to open the Yaran contraband in Fort Quito

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Looking for the Far Cry 6 Fort Quito key? There are lots of Yaran Contraband items to find in Far Cry 6, though not all of them are immediately accessible. Almost all of them need a key before they can be opened, in a manner of speaking. 

In this guide, we’ll be looking at how to access the contraband chest in Fort Quito, where Juan has tasked you with sourcing some depleted uranium. While there is definitely a key to be found, it doesn’t open the door to the contraband, so let’s see how to get it.

Far Cry 6 Fort Quito key: How to open the contraband chest 

If you use your phone to survey the area, you’ll see that an officer does indeed have a key. However, the key on the officer’s body gets you the uranium, plain and simple. But, if you make your way to the lower area of the fort and you’ve wandered into the basement area of the fort, you’ll spy some Yaran Contraband behind a locked door. They look like suitcases with crocs on them, for those caught unaware. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you look, there’s no key for that door, so you’re going to have to get creative.

If you carry on to the right past the locked door, around the edge of the caged-off area, you’ll eventually see some wood panels. Remember the brief tutorial that said you can destroy them to reveal hidden loot? No? Well, go ahead and either use your machete or gun to destroy the panels and head inside. The contraband chest is now yours and inside you’ll find the Autocrat pistol. Salud!

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