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What is Soul Ash in Shadowlands?

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What is WoW Shadowlands Soul Ash, and what is it used for? Every World of Warcraft expansion brings new storylines and new zones to explore. Along with these come various new systems or changes to existing ones. Shadowlands is no different.

Alongside WoW Covenants and Soulbinds, this expansion introduces several new in-game currencies. These currencies vary in importance depending on your goal within the MMO. If your aim is to partake in some of the harder endgame content, Soul Ash is the currency you’ll want to pay particular attention to. 

World of Warcraft Soul Ash is linked with the new, dynamic dungeon content in WoW Torghast, Tower of the Damned. You will need it to craft legendary gear in Shadowlands. Find out all about the new Soul Ash currency and its uses below.

WoW Shadowlands Soul Ash: What is it and where does it drop?

Soul Ash is an in-game currency that requires you to unlock Torghast, Tower of the Damned and partake in the content there. The only way to obtain Soul Ash in World Shadowlands is to complete Layers in Torghast. 

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The amount of Soul Ash you can acquire has a weekly cap, however. The tower has six wings, each of which has eight layers on six floors. These wings rotate on a weekly basis, with two wings accessible per week. You only receive Soul Ash on your first completion of a layer in a wing per week. 

If you’re confused at this point, don’t worry. It’ll become clear when you’re in the Tower itself. The point is that if you were planning on farming Torghast over and over for more Soul Ash, you’re in for some disappointment. Luckily you shouldn’t have problems keeping track of what you’ve already completed on a given week: The Wayfinder interface within Torghast should show you which layers will award Soul Ash on completion.

How to use Soul Ash

Soul Ash is used to craft and upgrade legendary gear, so it’s a currency you’ll want to max out each week if you want to augment your character’s power in Shadowlands. 

To craft one piece of rank one WoW Shadowlands legendary gear with an item level of 190, you’ll need 1250 Soul Ash. The total needed will increase as you upgrade to higher ranks. Once you have the required amount (as well as any other materials needed) you’ll need to head back to Torghast and locate the Runecarver to access the legendary crafting interface.

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