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Where to find large scales in Wild Hearts

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Large scales are a crafting material you can use in Wild Hearts, but you might be stumped when figuring out where to get them. Much like Golden Hematite, large scales are used for upgrading weapons and armor but, unlike the ore, this resource is only found by harvesting monsters you kill.

If you’re just embarking on your monster-slaying adventure in Azuma, these Wild Hearts tips should help get you started. Want to know how to unlock new weapons? That’s covered in another guide too. If you’d rather just jump in and learn the best place to get Wild Hearts large scale, here’s where to find this upgrade material, and what you need to do in order to harvest it.  

Wild Hearts large scale: Where to get this material 

Large scales are harvested from Sparkshower Monitors and Springwatch Monitors but only after you reach Chapter Three of the main story. These small Kemonos can be found in Harugasumi Way, Natsukodachi Isle, and Akikure Canyon. Once you’ve killed one, interact with the body to harvest the resources from it. 

You should be able to use the detailed map view to track small Kemonos and hovering over any you find should give you their name. That way, you can plan out where you need to go so you don’t end up wandering around aimlessly.

It’s also worth noting that it’s possible to find and kill these enemies before you reach Chapter Three, but they will only drop small scales before you progress through the story further.

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