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Tales of Arise owl locations

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Looking for all of the Dahnan owl locations in Tales of Arise? It’s no wonder, because these feathered friends are rather generous. You’ll meet them all throughout the realms of Tales of Arise handing out all sorts of fashionable accessories with which to dress your characters. If you’re going for a 100% completion, or just want to have the best-dressed party on Dhana, check down below to make sure you haven’t missed out on any bird spots.

Finding all the Dhanan owls is no small feat, either. There are 38 owls in Tales of Arise, including a handful that can only be found near the very end of the game. But do be careful: The very last section of this guide contains spoilers for the late parts of the story.

Now, here’s your handy guide to all the Tales of Arise owl locations so you can be sure you don’t miss out on a furry tail or fun pair of glasses.

All Tales of Arise owl locations by region


Owl 1

Location: Sandinus Ravine
Reward: Dog Tail

You can spot this owl just before you arrive in Ulzebek for the first time. It’s sitting in a small, gnarled tree on a ridge in the north part of Sandinus Ravine.

Owl 2

Location: Ulzebek
Reward: Rabbit Ears

You’ll hear this owl before you see it, hooting away on the roof of the house that serves as your base of operations when you get to Ulzebek. It’s hanging about on a washing line wearing a pair of rabbit ears.

Owl 3

Location: Iglia Wastes
Reward: Spotted Cat Ears

This owl is easy to miss if you don’t thoroughly explore the Iglia Wastes. You’ll need to make your way to the southwest part of the area and climb a set of vines to reach the upper level where this owl awaits in a tree.

Owl 4

Location: Kyrd Garrison
Reward: Cat Tail

You’ll find this owl close to Mosgul’s entrance. Head down the small eastward path before you arrive back in the village and find this owl sitting on a small outcropping in the corner.

Owl 5

Location: Mosgul
Reward: Monocle

Don’t get caught up attempting to find this owl during the first moments you spend in Mosgul as Alphen. You’ll be able to find it more easily when you come back to the village after visiting Ulzebek. It’s hanging around where you’ve talked with Doc previously.

Owl 6

Location: Trench of Flames – Castle Gates
Reward: Dog Ears

On your way to Balseph’s castle, you’ll head to the right instead of going straight for the castle gates. As you do, you’ll pass a small ruined house with this owl inside.

Owl 7

Location: Trench of Flames – Gates of Fire
Reward: Left Bandage

Continuing along your way to Balseph’s castle, this owl is hiding out along the northern edge of the map beneath a large iron sheet of debris.

Owl 8

Location: Glanymede Castle 3F
Reward: Rabbit Tail

This owl has made its way into Balseph’s castle and all the way up to the third floor. You’ll find it surrounded by some chickens in the fourth set of rooms you reach on this floor.

Owl 9

Location: Lacerda Cliffs
Reward: Frame Glasses

Before you leave Calaglia, this owl is waiting for you right outside the underground Ulvhan Grotto passage wearing a pair of glasses.


Owl 10

Location: White Silver Plains
Reward: Left Eyepatch

On your way to visit Messia 224 for the first time, you’ll find an owl sitting on a rock near an arch before you enter the city.

Owl 11

Location: Messia 224
Reward: Wolf Ears

This tiny owl is tough to spot at first. You’ll hear it hooting as you walk through the western path of Messia. Look down into a basket beneath a shelter with an ox and cart in front of it.

Owl 12

Location: Nevira Snow Plains
Reward: Wolf Tail

When you enter the Nevira Snowplains, head down to the lake in the north. At the center of a small island in the center of the lake an owl is waiting for you.

Owl 13

Location: Cysloden – Alley
Reward: Sunglasses

You might not spot this owl off the bat, but head to the small underground square across the alleyway from Bregon’s hideout and look up on the rocks above.

Owl 14

Location: Riville Prison Tower 2F
Reward: Devil Horns

In the southmost room of Riville Prison Tower’s second floor, you’ll find this owl sitting on top of a bookcase in a room that also has a treasure chest.

Owl 15

Location: Frozen Valley
Reward: Half-Frame Glasses

As you’re leaving Cyslodia for Menancia, you’ll spot this owl hanging out in a tree right before you cross a rope and wood bridge before the Safar Sea Cave entrance.


Owl 16

Location: Overseer Hill
Reward: Red Tropical Corsage

When you first arrive in the green and sunny Menancia, take a detour south of the campfire you find to spot this owl sitting on a ledge up above at the southmost point of the map.

Owl 17

Location: Traslida Highway
Reward: Devil Wings

Halfway through Trasilda Highway, on the east side of the bridge spanning the river, you’ll find this owl hiding in a wheat field near a man talking to two horses in a shelter.

Owl 18

Location: Viscint
Reward: Halo

This owl is hanging about in Viscint’s outdoor market along the main road. You’ll spot it in a bucket inside a stall just east of the inn.

Owl 19

Location: Autelina Palace – Kitchen
Reward: Crown

This regal owl is visiting the palace kitchens, which you’ll find on the palace’s first floor in the northwest hallway.

Owl 20

Location: Talka Pond Road
Reward: Devil Tail

This owl is a tough one to catch if you aren’t paying attention. You’ll find it at the very top of the city wall on the west side of the Talka Pond Road.

Owl 21

Location: Tietal Plains
Reward: Giggle Glasses

In the Tietal Plains north of the Trasilda Highway, this owl is perched on a stone arch in the southeast corner of the map just to your right when you enter the area.

Mahag Saar

Owl 22

Location: Niez
Reward: Red Rose Corsage

When you arrive in Niez, this owl is tucked into a basket at an abandoned market stall in the eastern corner of the map before you cross the bridge towards the inn.

Owl 23

Location: Aqfotle Hills
Reward: Retro Sunglasses

This cool owl is perched on top of a ruined building near the center of the map just north of the Adan Lake exit.

Owl 24

Location: Adan Ruins
Reward: Angel Wings

This owl is one you might miss as it’s perched outside your line of sight. You’ll be able to find it on a crumbled wall behind an iron fence near the center of the map. Pay attention to when Hootle flies down to your shoulder to let you know when you’re close.

Owl 25

Location: Adan Lake
Reward: Angry Glasses

You have a bit of a walk to reach this owl. Head up the western hill and double back to find this owl on an arch up above the path you just walked.

Owl 26

Location: Mobile Fortress Gradia Level 2
Reward: Butterfly Wings

Almeidrea’s boat fortress has a stowaway hiding on the second floor. Head west of the elevator and you’ll find it perched on a desk in the second to last room on the right on 2F.

Ganath Haros

Owl 27

Location: Tuah Seashore
Reward: Right Eyepatch

This owl is another sneaky one. It’s hiding out outside the bounds of the map right before you enter the village of Thistlym. Look out over the rocks and you’ll be able to spot it.

Owl 28

Location: Thistlym
Reward: Star Hair Clip

You’ll see this owl on the upper level of Thistlym right before you leave for the Shinefall Woods. It’s easy to spot sitting beneath a huge flaming torch.

Owl 29

Location: Shinefall Woods
Reward: Right Bandage

This owl will be up above your head when you first see it in the Shinefall Woods. As you head up the hill towards the Aureum Falls, dip to your right in a small grassy path that will take you to walking across an arch to this owl.

Owl 30

Location: Lavtu Marshlands
Reward: Swirly Glasses

This owl will take a bit of swimming to reach. As you climb higher up the marshlands, this owl is tucked in a large stone pillar in the southern portion of the third tier of the area.

Owl 31

Location: Del Fharis Castle 4F
Reward: Hootle Doll

You’ll have to make your way through most of Del Fharis Castle to reach this owl. It’s waiting for you on the central portion of the fourth floor. It’s perched high overhead at the center of the room before you take the elevator higher up.

Owl 32

Location: Pelegion Level 2
Reward: Sad Glasses

Don’t get caught up looking for this owl when you first arrive in Pelegion. You’ll need to progress the story and find it on the second level of the city when things have calmed down. It’s waiting off the southern edge of the walkway south of the elevator. 


After finding all the owls in the five main Tales of Arise realms, you won’t be hunting for more for several more hours. Be warned, this is where the story spoilers start.

The last six Dahnan owls won’t arrive until you’ve visited Rena for the first time near the very end of the game. After you land, you’ll get a notification letting you know that there are more owls back on Dhana to find. You’re free to fast travel back to Dhana at this point, so you can head right back over to scout them out if you please. 

Although they don’t gift you cosmetic items, you will want to see out these final six owls if you’re planning a 100% run. These special six owls each gift artefacts that allow you to carry your gear and levels into New Game +.

Owl 33

Location: Iglia Wastes
Reward: Vivid Sphere – Allows you to carry over Records into New Game+

This owl is even higher up than the first one you collected in Iglia wastes. Climb to the second tier of the map from the vines in the southwest corner. Use Dohalim’s map action ability to complete another ladder of vines that will take you to the highest point of the map.

Owl 34

Location: Glanymede Castle Lords Chamber
Reward: Battle Maiden Shield – Allows you to carry over all your Equipment into New Game+

This owl has taken over for Lord Balseph now that he’s gone. You’ll find it sitting on Balseph’s throne in the Lord’s Chamber of Glanymede Castle.

Owl 35

In order to find this owl, you’ll need to have completed two quests from Bregon at his hideout in Cysloden. Eventually he’ll ask you to defeat a Zugle in the prison basement. You’ll loot a set of keys to a secret room from the Zugle that open a secret chamber in the prison’s office. Unlock the chamber on the eastern wall of the office in the prison tower.

Location: Riville Prison Tower Hidden Chamber
Reward: Broken Machine Gun – Allows you to carry over all your Items and Money into New Game+

Owl 36

Location: Autelina Palace Guard Room
Reward: Ancient Excavator – Allows you to carry over all your Levels into New Game+

Back at Autelina Palace again, this owl is hanging around in the guard room in the northeast corner of the floor.

Owl 37

Location: Del Fharis Castle – Lord’s Chamber
Reward: Trident – Allows you to carry over all your Skills into New Game+

Yet another usurper owl is keeping a lord’s seat warm. You can fast travel directly to the lord’s chamber in Del Fharis castle and find this one sitting in Vholran’s throne.

Owl 38

Location: Uninhabited Island
Reward: Metal Miner Cap – Allows you to carry over your Artes into New Game+

This very last owl you’ll find on an uninhabited island that you can only reach by boat. In order to get there, you’ll need to go find a letter in a bottle on the Tuah Seashore map. After accepting the quest inside, you can head to the island via the ship waiting for you at the Hidden Wharf in Mahag Saar. This owl is on the upper level of the map, waiting for you after you’ve defeated a level 58 Zugle boss.

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