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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Sega wants to develop some kind of ‘super game’ within the next five years

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 Sega’s latest financials reveal the publisher is planning something it calls a “super game” to be released within the next five years 

Spotted by VGC, the publisher’s latest presentation outlined the company’s plans going forwards. Key to Sega’s five-year-plan is this unknown “super game”, which the publisher only describes as a new IP with global reach. Sega doesn’t expect massive profitability at first, but hopes the game’s reach will help it grow massively over time.

Along with this massive unknown, the publisher also plans to start reviving older series—either through remasters, remakes, or full-on series reboots. Sega names a few it’s looking into, from Crazy Taxi and Virtua Fighter to House of the Dead and Panzer Dragoon. But it’s also proof that someone, somewhere at Sega remembers that it still owns Jet Set Radio, a series that’s screaming for a new entry. 

Please, guys?

The presentation also spilled light on just how pivotal Sonic still is for the publisher, selling 4.4 million games despite there not being any new releases in the past year. That’s more than Total War’s 4 million, including last August’s completely okay Total War Stories: Troy. Creative Assembly is now working on a new FPS in addition to the upcoming Total War: Warhammer 3.

Elsewhere in the presentation, Sega spoke of how it wants Atlus to start launching games on multiple platforms going forwards. Let’s hope the next Persona finally finds its way to PC, yeah? 

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