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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

PC Gamer is hiring

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It’s an exciting time to join our team. In the last few years PC Gamer has doubled in size to more than 25 full-time editors in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. We’ve built a squad of dedicated hardware editors, increased our focus on video, and managed to write a story or two about the dark side of Minecraft. If you’re a great writer full of sharp ideas about gaming, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re currently hiring for two full-time positions. Apply below:

The job descriptions for these roles lay out the specific experience and skill sets we’re looking for. But I’d also emphasize these aspects that we seek in anyone who joins our team:

Tenacity – A doggedness for tracking down interesting, unknown stories from the strange, beautiful corners of PC gaming.

Enthusiasm and curiosity – Jaded cynics need not apply. PC gaming is vibrant, weird, and the biggest gaming platform in the world. We work in a dynamic environment as part of a compassionate, friendly team of pros.

Deep knowledge of games – Our team is a collection of specialists with diverse, overlapping interests. We love candidates who demonstrate a heavy understanding of one or more major areas of PC gaming. 

Right now we’re anticipating the release of New World at the end of September, Naraka Bladepoint next week, along with Battlefield 2042 in October, as some of the major games about to make an impact on our hobby. We’d love your help in tackling these launches, along with the spectrum of topics and communities that make up PC gaming.

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