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Friday, December 1, 2023

Minecraft once more asks fans to decide the game’s next mob

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At each year’s Minecraft Live, block-building developer Mojang lines up three new monster concepts and forces them to fight for fan votes to survive. This weekend’s show is no different, with the Allay, Glare and Copper Golem now waiting to see which of them will make it into Minecraft—with the rest likely dragged into some poor developer’s recycle bin.

Mojang introduced us to the new monsters in a series of cutesy YouTube videos. The Copper Golem, cousin to the existing Iron Golem, will randomly push any copper buttons left unattended, though will oxidize and eventually become a statue over time.

The Glare, meanwhile, is a grumpy chap that’ll moan when it’s dark enough for more dangerous monsters to spawn. Finally, the Allay is a helpful blue fairy who’ll take any item you give them and hunt down more items of the same kind, dropping them off at any nearby note blocks.

They all sound like helpful wee pals, and it’s a shame only one of them will end up fully implemented in the final game. Last year, Minecraft Live added the Glow Squid—which is neat enough, I suppose, but it’s still a shame that a shiny cephalopod had to come at the expense of a floral cow and a literal ice-wizard.

Minecraft Live kicks off this Saturday, October 16, where one of these critters will finally be announced the winner.


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