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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has a photo mode and it looks pretty sweet

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is coming in May with a beefy selection of graphical enhancements, including support for 4K, HDR, and ultrawide displays, unlocked framerates, and improved models, lighting, shaders and VFX. On Twitter yesterday, project director Mac Walters confirmed that players will have a proper opportunity to enjoy all that sweet new eye candy, revealing that the Legendary Edition will have a photo mode.

We were just calibrating, but #MassEffect Legendary Edition will have a photo mode. https://t.co/QghTqwS4Ah pic.twitter.com/tfNKcgypluApril 15, 2021

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Simplistically, a photo mode is just a way to take screenshots without a lot of dicking around, but many of them are very sophisticated tools that go way beyond a simple capture. Control’s photo mode supports adjustable field of view, focal distance, aperture settings, and multiple filters, for instance, while Cyberpunk 2077’s goes even further, enabling users to pose characters and adjust their facial settings.

There’s almost no end to what can be done with them: Some users capture stunningly dramatic images (even from mundane games like American Truck Simulator), while others use them to discover whether Norma Reedus really whips out the peedus in Death Stranding. (FYI: He does not.)

It remains to be seen how elaborate Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’s photo mode will be, although the gloomy greyscale Garrus image shared by Walters points to adjustable focal length, aperture settings, filters, character controls, and other features. Technical design director Brenon Holmes added on Twitter that photo mode will be accessible through the mission computer, “so anytime you can pause the game,” and that it will be available on all three games, and all platforms.

Here are a few more images of the photo mode in action, courtesy of the Mass Effect Twitter feed. They’re very pretty:

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition comes out on May 14. Along with the upgraded visual effects, it will also feature some significant changes to gameplay

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