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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Here’s some more Dragon Age 4 concept art

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Christian Dailey, executive director of Dragon Age 4, has shared another piece of concept art for the forthcoming RPG. Last time BioWare showed us some concept art it was an archer with a magic bow, this time it’s a mage with a pointy staff. You can tell she’s a proper Dragon Age mage because of the goofy hat, although this cross between a naval tricorn and a classic Gandalf point actually looks pretty slick. The scroll cases holstered on her belt for easy access seem like a sensible addition for the combat-ready mage about town as well. And that’s enough about wizard fashion.

Creative director Matthew Goldman retweeted the picture with the words, “Meet me in Minrathous!” Minrathous is the biggest city in the Dragon Age setting and the capital of Tevinter, its most magical nation, so the gaslamp fantasy vibe of this rain-soaked red-light alley seems appropriate. If it carries over into the game it’ll be a nice change of pace from Dragon Age’s sometimes trad fantasy look. Or maybe it’s just red because of all the red lyrium, who can say?

Anyway, that’s about all I can glean from reading into this one piece of concept art from a game that’s probably well over a year away at this point (EA’s chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen suggested Dragon Age 4 “probably comes after fiscal [2022]” in an earnings call back in 2019). On the plus side it’s reportedly going to be a fully singleplayer RPG, without any live-service features. Here’s everything we know about Dragon Age 4 right now.

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