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Guardians of the Galaxy: Should you side with Nikki or Ko-Rel?

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Making tough decisions is a key part of Guardians of the Galaxy’s story and in this guide, we’ll be looking at whether you should side with Nikki or Ko-Rel. This mother and daughter don’t exactly see eye to eye and there are permanent consequences regardless of what you choose to do —with one being much more lucrative than the other. As with other Guardians guides, if you want to play the game blind, consider this your only spoiler warning.

Should you side with Nikki or Ko-Rel in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Ko-Rel is Star-Lord’s ex-girlfriend, so things are pretty awkward from the beginning. Nikki is assigned by Ko-Rel to escort you once captured, but you’ll eventually end up alone with Nikki, forging a path through the ship. Star-Lord and Nikki bond a little, which will be important later in the story.

The best choice here is to side with Nikki. Not only does it matter for the story, but she’ll also give you a Compendium item in the shape of an access key that will be useful in Chapter 7. Star-Lord will say that he hacked the doors and Nikki had nothing to do with it, making him look like the bad guy. 

Nikki isn’t supposed to have the access key, so if you side with Ko-Rel, you’ll get nothing at all, except watching Nikki get a dressing down. The access key opens some doors that’ll let you access some collectables in Chapter 7, so go ahead and side with Nikki.

This isn’t the only choice you’ll need to make in Guardians of the Galaxy, so check out our guides on whether to hide the llama or Rocket’s tech here, as well as whether to sell Groot or Rocket, if you get stuck.

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