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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Good news: official Mass Effect body pillows are back in stock

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The BioWare gear store sells a lot of Mass Effect stuff, most of it repping the N7 logo. Pablum! You’ll forget all about the stress of your Spectre mission when you’re in Garrus Vakarian’s firm yet huggable embrace. If you’re into this sort of thing, I mean (and what I mean is hugging life-size pillows of videogame characters).

A new run of Mass Effect body pillow covers is in stock in the BioWare store, after “wave one” sold out at some point in the past. You can choose Garrus or Tali, both in similarly sultry poses. Not outright sexy. More… inviting. While this isn’t Garrus’s first turn as a pillow pin-up, it looks like the Tali pillow is brand new. Any bets on whether Thane or EDI comes next?

Both pillowcases will set you back $35, and they fit a “standard” 20-inch x 54-inch body pillow. And we’ve got some tech specs here: the pillowcases are 100% polyester and use a dye sublimation print that, according to reviews on the store, looks quite nice. 

“The artwork looks much better in person than it looks on the site previews, the colors are deeper and obviously the design itself is quite dashing. The material is nice too, it stays cool for quite a while and cools back down quickly,” writes verified buyer Chance J. “Huggable as heck.”

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