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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Fortnite: Where to find the blue coin in Retail Row

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Fortnite week 5 is rounding out those post-holiday doldrums with plenty of new quests and challenges to fill your time. This week, aside from hunting down gnomes, players are tasked with finding a blue coin in Retail Row, granting them an extra helping of XP.

Retail Row isn’t a small place, though, so combing it without a map could prove frustrating. No worries. We’ve got the guide you need to completing this challenge as fast as possible.

Retail Row: Blue coin location

You’ll find the blue coin located on the west side of Retail Row, on the south side of the large yellow house. You’ll see a small mound of dirt with a faint glow to it. Simply hit it with your pickaxe and the blue coin will pop up. Be careful, though. The blue coin happened to disappear a few seconds later for me, so I’m not sure if I missed out on a free chunk of XP besides what the quest gives me. Make sure you walk over it to collect it before that happens to you.

Easy enough, right? Don’t forget to check out week 5’s challenge to dig up gnomes in Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park. Epic has also fulfilled every 80’s kid’s dream of buying a shopping mall for their new office.

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