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Where to find waypoints and how to fast travel in Diablo 4

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While it’s fun to give yourself Diablo wrist and run around the Diablo 4 beta’s fairly substantial map, you could always discover some waypoints and fast travel. There are several waypoints to discover in Diablo 4, usually nestled within a city or village, and they’ll let you fast travel to these destinations. You can also fast travel from anywhere on the map, even from dungeons, which is handy if your inventory is full after gathering all that sweet loot.

In this guide, I’ll show you where to find the waypoints and how to fast travel from anywhere on the map. If you’re jumping into Diablo 4 soon, be sure to check out our guides on how to emote, how to solve the Secrets of the Spring riddle, where to find all the dungeons and how to survive Sanctuary

Diablo 4 waypoints 

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There are five regions in Diablo 4, each with at least half a dozen waypoints. To find them, look for the icon on the map that looks like a triangle inside a circle, except for the one in each region that looks like a little building as it’s the capital.

To unlock a waypoint, interact with it and it’ll then glow blue. Once active, you can fast travel within the city or village you’re in, to other waypoints and from the wilderness. There are also specific PvP areas called the Fields of Hatred, which I’ve listed below, as the location of some Strongholds.


  • Nevesk 
  • Kyovashad 
  • Menestad 
  • Bear Tribe Refuge 
  • Yelesna 
  • Margrave 
  • Nostrava 


  • Firebreak Manor 
  • Cerrigar 
  • Braestaig 
  • Corbach 
  • Tirmair 
  • Marowen 
  • Tur Dulra (Stronghold) 
  • Under the Fat Goose Inn

Dry Steppes

  • Farobru 
  • Ked Bardu 
  • Hidden Overlook 
  • Fate’s Retreat 
  • Jirandai 
  • Alzuuda (Fields of Hatred PvP area) 
  • The Onyx Watchtower (Stronghold) 
  • Ruins of Qara-Yisu (Stronghold) 


  • Tarsarak 
  • Denshar (Fields of Hatred PvP area) 
  • Iron Wolves Encampment 
  • Altar of Ruin (Stronghold) 
  • Gea Kul 
  • Imperial Library (unlocks during Act 6) 


  • Zarbinzet 
  • Wejinhani 
  • Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court
  • Backwater 
  • Vyeresz (Stronghold) 
  • Tree of Whispers (unlocked during the campaign) 

How to fast travel 

To fast travel, you can either open up your map and select a waypoint, or you can open up a portal to the capital. This is particularly useful if you are in a dungeon as you can quickly stash your stuff—or sell or salvage it—then go back through the portal to where you left off.

To open a portal, press T (or down on the D-pad) and you’ll appear at the capital with a portal opened behind you.

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