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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes gets another teaser trailer

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House of Ashes, the third out of the eight planned games in the Dark Pictures Anthology, got another bite-sized trailer today. Whereas the first trailer showed off the setting as well as star Ashley Tisdale (yet to be officially confirmed), this trailer is more focused on setting up a spooky mood. We already know that House of Ashes tells the story of a military unit that wakes something better left sleeping below a Sumerian temple, and in this trailer that seems to be exactly what’s going on—as a soldier makes his way through the temple, he happens upon a colleague, who by the looks of it has had a bit of an accident.

Technically, this is the game’s first official trailer, as the one that went around before was a post-credits teaser from Little Hope, the last game in the anthology. In response to the trailer, several fans have already started wondering if it’s all just a hallucination, which, if you know how previous Supermassive games end, is an absolutely fair question to ask by now. The fact that the soldiers are looking for chemical weapons also doesn’t help in that regard—the idea that soldiers are digging around for chemical weapons in Iraq of all places is a bit on the nose overall, but it wouldn’t do to judge House of Ashes too early.

A look on actual House of Ashes gameplay is supposed to drop next Thursday, May 27. I expect some cool ways to play with a friend.

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